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Xbox Elbows In on Wii Crowd With Arcade Package

Maintaining a solid lead among hardcore gamers in its competition with Sony, Microsoft has seemingly decided to train its sights on Nintendo and the threat posed by the Wii. On Monday Microsoft announced the immediate availability of the Xbox 360 Arcade, a bare-bones system that includes the Xbox 360 console as well as five best-selling arcade games. [More...]

Google Gives Gmail IMAP Support

Google has upgraded its Gmail offering by augmenting it with IMAP, or Internet Message Access Protocol. Essentially, this level of connectivity allows users to access e-mail from multiple devices while keeping that information simultaneously synced no matter which device or desktop was used to access it. [More...]

iPod, This Is Your Life

Apple released the original iPod six years ago this week. During its first six years, the iPod has gone from a 5 GB Mac-only music player to a cross-platform 160 GB music and video player and the most popular media player on the market. Happy birthday, iPod. The first iPod cost US$399 and measured 2.43 by 4.02 by .78 inches. [More...]

New Dell XPS 420 Desktop Takes Page From Apple's Playbook

Dell on Tuesday announced the XPS 420, "a premium multimedia PC" designed to let users go semi-pro in editing their pictures and videos and posting them online with the pre-configured system. The XPS 420 comes loaded with the bells and whistles a photo and video editing enthusiasts would often have to purchase separately. [More...]

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